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Montana Nonprofit Association’s Group Benefits Trust (GBT) was established in 2008 to provide low-cost health insurance to nonprofit members.

The GBT offers seven different benefit options – unique and built for nonprofit employers and their employees. Rates have been kept stable with extremely low premium increases since 2010.


• The GBT has successfully secured 15 direct contracts with hospitals throughout the state, including most recently St. Patrick’s in Missoula, St. Peter’s in Helena, St. Luke’s in Ronan, Beartooth/Billings Clinic in Red Lodge, and St. Joseph's in Polson.

• The Trust recently changed pharmacy providers to Southern Scripts which offers more options for high-dollar medications and patient assistance programs to benefit members facing increasing prescription costs.

• The Trust's case management company is Innovative Care Management (ICM), who work closely with individuals facing significant health issues. ICM takes a hands-on approach to complex case management that results in reduced costs and better quality outcomes.

• MNA GBT partners with VEZA Health to help members gain remote (telephonic) second opinions, increased information about treatment options, additional support selecting high-quality physicians, and robust patient advocacy.

• MNA’s GBT also offers;

    • Telemedicine – 24 hours, 7-days-a-week teledoc services through WellVia;
    • Dedicated support for hospital balance bills through EBMS;
    • FREE biometric screenings (blood draws) through It Starts With Me;
    • An Employee Assistance Program for all employees regardless of whether they are on the health plan or not; a
    • And optional vision and life coverage.

• The Trust is proud to offer nonprofits throughout the state solid health care plans that have provided stability for almost 30 organizations, 880 employees, and several hundred dependents.

The GBT partners with Leavitt Great West Insurance Services (LGW) to sell and manage the plan. LGW works with many of Montana’s oldest, most successful association healthcare programs including Montana-Wyoming Bankers Association, Montana Automobile Dealers Association, Montana Dental Association, and the State Bar Association of Montana.

To learn more about health plans offered by MNA's Group Benefit Trust, contact Lanie Plovanich at [email protected] or 406-443-1059.

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